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Kristen Howard design agency is founded by Communication Designer Kristen Howard.

I started my communication and marketing journey after studying at the multidisciplinary communication arts college Billy Blue College in Sydney, Australia. I spent the beginning of my career working in various design agencies and marketing teams for smaller sized businesses in-house, where I picked up marketing skills as a result of working in smaller teams where tasks were shared and not specific to our roles. During this time, the power of the internet for marketing and design was rapidly changing. It became increasingly clear that my skillset was better used working as a freelancer and more closely with clients, I saw that the models of design studios and marketing agencies faced the challenge of a changing digital landscape. In late 2013, after freelancing for a few years and building a strong client base, I took my business on the road. I now reside predominantly in Berlin, Germany, as well as regularly returning to my home Sydney, Australia where many of my clients reside. I work mostly with international clients by word of mouth.

I have serviced a range of businesses, clients, clubs and artists worldwide, always prioritising creating and collaborating with clients in new and interesting ways. I work now as an agency collaborating and networking with other online marketing agencies, designers and various freelancers to provide innovative online solutions to advertising, branding and design. I am always looking for work that pushes my boundaries more and enjoy working within clients budgets and trying to achieve a polished product within a tight space. I personally think that understanding how to brand your business for the online market is incredibly important - old ideas of logos and branding tend to limit exposure to a vast and easy to access online community and demographic.

These days, it has become more important to combine many design and marketing solutions, the old methods of design have become dated and increasingly ineffective. In the last 3 years I have expanded my business from solely design to other necessary design solutions for the online landscape; social media advertising and campaigns, ux design, branding and graphic design in the online space. Our current world is changing rapidly and so are the industries I work in, as a result I have had to continuously learn and adapt to the new avenues of reaching out customers and presenting brands and businesses in the best possible way to users.

I also work as a producer and musician, which I am very grateful to fund via my design agency work, and am available to work on sound and visual campaigns; facebook videos and advertising sound design.

If you like what I do and are interesting in commissioning work or receiving a quote, please don't hesitate to email me at: